An irreverent musical comedy with book by Eric C. Webb and music & lyrics by Stephanie Bianchi.

When Kate's seemingly perfect life is shattered after her fiance breaks up their engagement just weeks before their wedding, she thinks she can take a crash course through the five stages of grief in time to win her man back and not lose her catering deposit. Grasping at the straws of yoga, self-help books and even (gasp) CHURCH, Kate finds that the expectations and limitations the world is putting on her is nothing but Bullshit (no really, there's a song called "Bullshit").

Breakup is a story of experiencing your worst fears, hitting rock bottom, rising from the ashes, and discovering how to create happiness on your own terms. This hilarious yet poignant tale of one woman’s awakening wrapped in big Broadway tunes, with lyrics wry and witty, brings to the jilted lover in all of us a chance to laugh at ourselves and write our own happy ending.  

Demos and more information can be found here!

A rock/rap reinvention of Dostoevsky's classic "Crime and Punishment" with book by Eric C. Webb and music & lyrics by Matthew Doers.

Proudly developed as part of the 2015 Johnny Mercer Colony at Goodspeed Musicals and the 2015 Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.

Taking Step Three13 revolves around a young artist named Rocko who is caught between the harsh reality of a degenerate neighborhood and the world of possibility in his art. Still reeling from the murder of his girlfriend at the hands of local pimp and crime-lord, Trinketman, Rocko creates an alter- ego within his art who is sexy, brutal and capable of righting the wrongs against which Rocko is helpless. While Rocko's creation gains a greater foothold in our reality and compels him to commit “one crime to eliminate many,” Rocko also finds the promise of love in the most unlikely of places, a discovery which forces him to weigh his thirst for justice against the price of his soul. 

Featuring a soundscape of rock, rap, trip-hop, funk and soul, Taking Step Three13 also incorporates a dark and gritty artistic graphic novel-styling from artist Jonathan Roy.

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A ten minute, one-woman piece of psychological horror.

Commissioned and presented by White Rabbit Productions for Scream Queens and Crazed Fiends (October 2015) . Published by Indie Theater Now.

A brutal attack on a college campus leads to violent police retaliation, leaving the media with more questions than answers. Melissa, a co-ed on the run, has a few questions of her own.  For starters, who the hell is chasing her, and why are they calling her Tania?


A new production conceived by Laura Archer, written by Eric C. Webb and produced by March Forth Productions.

Played March 26th through April 4th, 2015
Produced by March Forth Productions and Horsetrade 
At the Theater Under St. Marks, NYC

The Angels of Mons follows a band of WWI BEF soldiers as they battle the Germans, the dark, and their own worst nightmares:  

On the eve of the first major offensive of the war, a group of soldiers find themselves separated from the rest of their forces, miles from the front and leagues away from anything they've known before. With whispers of mutiny rustling through the group after the death of their commanding officer,  an unwitting young lieutenant, George Hinkle, is thrust into command.

Ill suited for leadership and crippled by fear, he struggles to keep his men in check and alive amidst myriad dangers, but as the echoes of centuries old combat begin to reverberate around them and the veil between story and reality begins to lift, George is forced to look within to find the strength to become the leader he was born to be.

A young woman lost in the city finds solace and a new adventure when she retreats to the Hayden Planetarium. A short film written by Eric C. Webb, score composed by John Merritt, directed by Darryl Jemmott and produced by Second Star NYC.


An evening of twisted holiday radio plays devoted to the delightful terror of the season, Krampus.

Commissioned and presented by March Forth Productions (December, 2015). Provided the "Dupont Dinner Drama" segments which framed the performance and wove together five tales written by Matt Bernhard, Matt Cowley, Sheila Cowley, Gina Femia and Knilo Soleil.

A gothic chamber musical recounting the harrowing true tale of Frederic Thompson, a New York goldsmith who alleged himself to be possessed by the spirit of dead painter Robert Swain Gifford. Enlisting the aid of noted paranormal investigator Dr. James Hyslop, the two men must unravel the mystery of what is truly haunting the poor, tortured Thompson.

This piece is currently under development.