Written or in-person analysis of your play or musical catered towards addressing your concerns and getting your piece to the next level. Coverage is provided through Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, and our coverage is guaranteed.  Either we provide you with specific ways to help your script get better or we give you your money back. Rates and information can be found here.

Long or short-term script support and consultation for those looking to ensure consistent and high-quality literary input through your creative process. Clients are limited to the NYC Metro area and rates and terms are provided on a case-by-case basis. Inquiries can be sent here.

"[Eric] has given me the best, most in depth and accurate notes I've ever received from a dramaturg or anyone and every time I write a new script, I know it's in the best of hands." - Gina Femia, playwright "Super, or How Clark Graves Learned to Fly" and "Things I Don't Want to Talk About"

“As a teacher and dramaturge, Eric is without peer: he creates a fun, safe space in which to create and share work, and his feedback is always constructive, succinct, and spot-on. In addition, he seems to have a sixth sense for issues with which writers may be struggling but have not mentioned; without being intrusive, he is able to gently prod them to find their own solutions that help bring the work to the next level and beyond.” - Doug Devita, playwright

"Eric’s script coverage of my musical was brilliant. He totally understood the vision of the show and crafted detailed commentary that asked all the right questions and made stellar suggestions full of insight and clarity. Worth so much more than what I paid!” - Ned Massey, writer & composer

“I have just completed my fifth script session with Eric Webb.  It is always humbling to have someone tell you their honest opinions of your work, especially a professional who really knows their stuff!  But in every case, Eric's critique has made my show a better show.  I have been pleasantly surprised over and over again with the depth of his insights and how skillfully he is able to challenge me where I need to be challenged, yet at the same time respecting the vision that I have for my own work.  For most of us, getting a show on Broadway is a long shot at best, but I can honestly say I would have no shot at all without him!” - Rev. Scott Wilkinson, librettist/writer

You kicked my writing butt and oddly enough, I thank you for that.  It’s good to hear the truth.Everything you said rings true. I am quite impressed with your skill.  You actually make it much easier to write.  Knowing what doesn’t work makes the rewrite easier.  Not less painful but easier.” - Patricia Barry Rumble, playwright/librettist

Eric delivered an incredibly thorough evaluation of our musical. He was able to answer our own general concerns about language and tone, pinpoint aspects of the plot that were inconsistent or could be further explored, and address the background development for some of the characters that started a whole new conversation for us. This was all handled with such great positivity that we are now inspired to dive right back into the shaping of the story.” - Nancy Paris and Charles Yurick, librettists

 “Thank you so much for your wonderfully written and insightful analysis of my play! I am so glad that I learned about your script coverage service. I strongly believe that you have provided me with a blueprint to greatly improve my script. As I work further on the play, I know that I will be referring constantly to your notes and suggestions.” - Alan Thurston, playwright

“I was frankly skeptical (based on past dramaturgs/advice over 12 years) how valuable your analysis would be, but yours is the most elucidating analysis I have received, as it zeroed in on specifically many book issues I’ve been struggling with but unable to find a way out. Thank you so much, this will really help slim down/power up the whole show! - Randy Hobler, writer & composer

*Freelance Production Dramaturgy is an independent service and in no way associated with Davenport Theatrical Enterprises